Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Here!

Its really tough when we got here since the original plan has changed and everything gone haywire. Well not really that messy but it's still messy if you know what I mean xD. There are many things that I'm really not used to when I first got here. Our flight was at 4.50pm and we reached here at 8.30pm. Not any problems from the departure till the arrival, I mean "touchdown" of our plane. Nightmare starts as soon as we got off the plane heading towards the baggage reclaimation counter.

First of all, MY BAGGAGE IS BROKEN!!!! It sucks and the airport itself has already given me a bad impression for breaking my beloved baggage. Not too sure whether it happened in Malaysia or "here". In Malaysia airport even the lower class LCCT, we were at least greeted by Hello and at least just a smile by the workers. Here, we were greeted by harsh "faster! this way!" and many rough tones. Maybe it's just the way they talk.

After reclaiming my broken baggage T.T we met up with Pei Yin's aunty, Aunty Flora. She told us about the change of plans and we were supposed to go to her house instead of Pei Yin's uncle's. It's kinda last minute but no problems for us. Taxi driver looks 50 with alot of white hair. The best part is, he has 3 hand phones with him. Not only that, within just a short 40-45 minutes ride from airport to our destination, he easily answered and called 20-30 calls. Thats like 1 call per minute? Crazy, but its true.

The true nightmare was at our destination (lol this is hard to cover up our destination already). The people over there was walking at a very high pace. In order to keep up, I need to force myself to march quickly with the rest. It was very difficult as I was still pulling my 13kg broken luggage and I'm still getting used to in this country. It was around 20-23 celcius here but I still sweat after the quick pace of walking and competing with the rest to get to the immigrations for clearance. This was one of the thoughest moments because there were alot running through my mind. The taxi fare for the ride was already RM150 +/- And we only brought around RM1,000 each. Are we able to survive the 13 days? People here are very busy and harsh. Can we withstand their attitude? Out of no where while crossing the immigrations check that are supposed to be very strict, comes a jerk that starts scolding the officer. Not too sure whos to blame but still when it comes to foul languages and harsh words which is super loud and directed to a lady officer, you are the jerk. HHAHAA

Came back to Aunty Flora's house. A distant relative cooked alot for us and it was nice. Had tea with another distant relative which is grandpa of age and had local snacks and delicacies after the meal. Then, we went to bed

Untill this morning, I woke up to look for a wifi signal to start facebook-ing or blogging, found no wifi. So Aunty Flora offered her computer to me. And only to find out, Blogspot and Facebook is blocked in this country. *&#!&@#%&!!!! Luckily vtunnel.com helped me so thats why I can make this post. And why no pictures in this post? Cause vtunnel blocked the scripts, meaning no pictures untill I come back T.T That's it for now, will blog about today soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Came back from kampung again! xD

It's been a while since I last blogged. So, I thought of posting a new post. Nothing long this time, but this time round I will be blogging often about my holiday. Since its gonna be some backpacking trip, so hopefully it is going to be interesting. The trip is gonna be for 13 days. So, PLEASE MISS ME! LOL

Where am I going? Hahaha its gonna be a surprise! Stay tuned for more =D

By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMAY!! (the right one)

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Came back from Kampung! XD

Hi peoples! Long time no see. Yea yea, i know many of my "fans" out there are worried bout me and wondering much about what im doing. LOL! I sound like some artiste don't I? Anyways, just finished my finals or rather finished long time ago and my sem break is going to finish.

First of all, I will talk about the Genting trip. Nice arrangement with many nice people along the trip. Enjoyed the trip overall though I lost my voice and got slight sun burn. The Dotards including me are basically just playing pool and snooker almost the whole time on the 1st day. Then we watched Blood. Nice movie with not so nice story line and a little too much effects on the blood and too much fights but its the nature of anime based movies, so i would give that show a 6.5/10 overall.

2nd day. Fast right? LOL. We had outdoor theme park the whole morning and afternoon after having Marybrowns with Ken, Jack and Ryan. Picture explains everything i guess

In the pic you can see the peoples. Lazy to write names just comment yourselves la ok? LOL

After some awesome rides which includes all the 5 Stars rating rides or rather 5 Flowers? Yea, after those rides which includes the awe-some-O Space Shot (gotta give credit to Su Kheng and Jenn for giving me the guts to ride on this 2 years ago =D) we went for Sungai Rejang ride where some people didnt went and prefered Mc Donalds instead. So the Dotards and Seng Yang gang went for it. Quite a relaxing ride and cooling and refreshing and etc. (once again, malas =P).

The fun part is the night part. Went to Nicole's room to play some UNO with some friends (yeap, we played UNO in genting. I know i know..... XD). Quote of the night was "Where do aeroplanes usually land?" (sorry pauline!!!! its a joke!). Ok later, we proceed to Safari Disco which i illegally went in cause it was 18 and above. Enough said, drank some chivas, got really high and went to the dance floor with friends. Many body contacts and eye contacts and everything basically. I even contacted with the lited ciggarette bud! Ouch! It was really painful.

Went back to the hotel at 3.30am +/- and i straight away slept soundly cause quite drunk and tired that night, or rather day? When i was dreaming of hot girls, i felt a hit on my foot and someone just pulled my blanket off. Luckily i was wearing pants. Imagine i was having a wet dream? HAHAHA! Just some crap. And lights were on and guess what? SURPRISE! My birthday tart arrived with a bunch of friends singing the birthday song. Thank you thank you thank you. It was really unexpected cause my birthday was far from there. Annways, picture for the day was....

The tart was fantastic. Thank you!

Day 3. Its just go home time. Even snooker-ed for one last time before going off. Hugged afew people and everyone left.


This is going to be a long post since i promised many people of updating my bloggggg. So, bear with it la ok? LOL.

Today was another bday party for me. Woke up at 8.30 morning cause my dog didnt made the morning call. Drove with full speed which my Proton Wira 1.3 (M) can reach up to 160 km/h. Moral for the outing today is, my freaking car can reach up to 160 although the whole car was shaking. LOL. Enough said, met up with Xiu Qi, Nicole, Shereen, Pauline, Ryan and Ken at Esso at 9.30am. Went to the so called very nice Bak Kut Teh shop. It was indeed very nice as mentioned in the journey with jason (a programme which hunts food in Wah Lai Toi i think). No pics unfortunately for the BKT. Xiu Qi as a Klang lang didnt eat the meat!!! What the hell right? Just drank the soup and ate rice. No big eaters today cause Jack, with his quote "Cant imagine a porkless life" didnt came. So I was the tong sampah makanan for the day. Bloated after the supa dupa heavy breakfast.

Went to Aeon Klang for the 1st time where Xiu Qi was so desperately on eating Mill Wheel (desert shop which features their snow deserts). It was indeed nice. I will make a brief explanation about the deserts. It's actually a flavoured block of ice where they shave it according to flavours you want and then they add stuffs like nata de coco, chocolate syrup and fruits and many more according to whatever you order. Pictures!!!

My vanilla chocolate,perfecto!!!

Mango Wok something.

Mocha Wok with green tea ice cream with a twist of Red beans

My artistic shot of Nicole. I kinda like this picture and her smile is as natural as always =D

Hum Sup shot 1

Hum Sup Shot 2

Kap Lui~

After Wheel Mill, we went to Green Box and sang for 3 hours. The typical Dotards are always doing stupid things just as we did in Genting Trip. Stuffs like singing untill dont know lyrics then lalallala or will just grumble seomthing whenever the song is rapping or when its Jay Chou singing. XD One nice song was Cinta Melodi. Everyone sang happily. Even sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Thank you thank you thankyou! We sang my favourite song, It's My Life, the SMK BUD(4) Prom night song. Woo hoo! (credits to my band, Joey - the leng zai singer, Wei Ee - the humble drummer, Kent - the awe-some-0-est bassist i ever met at school, John Ling - THE icon guitarst and me - guitars. yup its random but this is what i thought of when Its My Life was playing =D)

Ran out of some voice after Its My Life. The best part was really Xui Qi, we sang 3 hours she eat hours. That was where I realise shes a better junk food eater than me. No wonder shes full of junk. XD JOKING!

Hum Sup shot 3

Groupie pic

Final Picture for the day

Ok thats all for now. Will blog more. Oh yea, I will promise a short musical song for the next post. Be sure to catch up!

For now, I would like to pay some respect to the Pop Legend, Michael Jackson who passed away this morning 5.30am Malaysia time. You will be forever loved and remembered. You were and are my music influence now and forever. Thank you for the awesome songs written along with kick ass dance. Thank you and may you Rest In Peace...............

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009 )

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Balik Kampung!!!

Hi once again. Notice the time. Its actually 7.22 in the morning now wei. I had to woke up at around 7.00 and get ready for breakfast??? Well, in Taiping people really get up early for breakfast. I think cause they have not much activities to do at night so they would rather sleep early and get up early. Surprisingly the last time i came to Taiping, customers in the restaurants are all the elderly. Each one of them will order a pot of tea for themselves and enjoy. The thing is, usually a few people will share a pot but no, 4 seniors wll have 4 pots. lol

Lets start of with friday. I had my PT1 that day for T1 and T2. It simply means a test for paper 1 and paper 2 of my course. It was quite gay okay? After the test, we went to Sunway Pyramid with quite a number of people. The organiser, Shereen called it "Group 3 CNY outing"? Alright whatever it is, we went there by a few cars and of course i was one of the drivers. Initially, a few days ago we voted for Kim Gary. But there no space for us when we went there so we moved on to Manhathan Fish Market. We ordered a few sets of platters and the manager was nice enough to give us a free platter and some discount vouchers with the reason "CNY is coming and you guys are a big group of Chinese". Racist sial. LOL. The only reason i think was because Xiu Qi was negotiating with him and she is hot okay.....
After the filling lunch, i was bloated cause Shereen kept adding food on my side of the table. Anyways, we went to karaoke. Clearly i dont know how to sing. So i just played cards with Catherina, Cheh Yuen and Yvvone. True colours being showed i tell you. The usual Cheh Yuen and Catherina that is sooo quiet in class laughed and talked soo much wei! Its a good thing tough cause most queit people enjoyed themselves pretty much, happily?
Jia Yeen, Nicole and Pauline

Kenneth and Jia Yeen <3<3
Xiu Qi and Me (i told you she's hot if i manager of fish market also i give freebies lo)
Cathrina, Cheh Yuen and Yvvone
Yvvone and Shu Lin

Karaoke scene in Pyramid (sorry the sound sucks)
Next day, Saturday morning. Started journey to Taiping at around 11.00 in the morning and reached at around 4.00. The supposed 2 1\2 hours journey was extended to 5 hours! Pretty crazy i tell you. I was driving and the sun was shining like mad and the highway was jam! After reaching Taiping, we went off to makan dinner. After the meal , we went for satay. The satay was better than Kajang satay. The taste of burns in some parts of the meat was really "hiong" and of course there was a piece of chicken skin as well making the chicken juicy and "hiong" to eat. One of the best satay and i highly recommend it to you. Then we went to ta pau dim sum. Oh boy, I will be fatter than i am now already after CNY.


Wan Satay Taiping.Very sedap!

Dim Sum

Then at night, i played some games with my cousin while waiting for the night to turn old? Okay i think thats it for now. Will try to keep this updated in Penang. Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

ZF's party and my ruined Saturday morning!

Hey time to update already! My previous Saturday was ruined by college's computer class. We gotta learn Excel early in the morning at 8.30!!?? Who would wanna learn Excel at 8.30 a.m in the morning on a Saturday morning where we should be cuddling our bolsters under the warm blanket!? But yea, need to go also la. So to the daily routine once again. Woke up early at around 7.00 and went to fetch Kevang, Jack and Winnie to college. Chat a little at the foyer with Zhao Yen who is studying, AGAIN! and went to computer lab at 8.30 to start class.

Not easy one okay! Alot of formulas like =SUM =AVERAGE =BLA =BLA and more =BLAs

Okay, the whole class did la ok? We signed in to eBuddy to "communicate" with each other in the same lab???? How absurd @.@ but I was part of it. xD

My left : Shu Lin

and My right: Kevang aka June xD

Yup, ended the class and I went to 1U to shop for alina's present. Happy Birthday Alina!
Then fetched Yi Vonne to Zhen Feng's place for his farewell partay. T.T. There were : Zhen Feng himself, ping chien, jeremy, alvin, jimmy, choong hern, kent, yi vonne, ming hong, yong twins, shern yang, su kheng, teck jenn, ying chien, lynn, dll if i forgot =P
Sher Wen couldnt make it cause of a trip to Sarawak. So sad T.T But enjoy this post as a replacement for your attendance la! xD

And yes, you can see the water marks of the picture. I stole pictures from ping chien and jeremy's bloggggggg.

PC's blog: Philip screwing the chicken wings. I really lol-ed hard. Screw hard, my friend! Go Philip!

Sunway lous: Jeff and Jer
BBQ lous : jeff, ming hong, shern yang, jer and jenn

Raja Ayam aka Jenn!

Wii time! Gathering all the so lous shaking the remote control like crazy!

Kent went on a spin with my car and look what happened? He stopped about less than 2cm at the side of Jimmy's car!? Good Job la brother!

Looks wrong. LOL

Group Picture A: Why so serious??!!

Group picture B: Ah, this is better.

Went back at around 12.15am reaching sleeping yivonne's house at 12.45 +/- and reached my home around 1am. And i guess thats it. =D


PS# Thank you Pei Yin for the bicsuit. Very nice and kind of you. Hou hou sek ah~! =D

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ice Berg Broken?

Finally, I broke the ice berg~! Or did I? I dunno. Its Zhao Yen. Got to know him a bit more today although he is still quiet as usual. So comparing Zhao Yen i would put the combination of Zhen Feng's egoness, Ping Chien's coolness and a bit of Jay Chou for the looks. Lol. Cool huh? Yeah, so Zhao Yen is a rather quiet guy and seldom talks or rather dont at all i guess. After Malaysian Studies, Shu Lin and my group members went talking to him. Finally, he smiled and all. Cool guy he is.

Today's lecture was rather interesting. In a way, we get to know each other even more. So we met your CSB1 lecturer, Ms Josephine. CSB1 is something like an English lesson. Her way of presenting herself reminds me of Pn. Karamjit. A very friendly person and communicates very well. Her lecture today was rather informal i shall say. Since she assigned us to "sharpen" our communication skills.

Basically, everyone is suppose to get of their seats and go around asking group mates' personal details and later there will be this section whereby a person is called out randomly to describe another person and another person is to guess that person. Okay, i sound very complicated but its something like that la~! XD

The class was fun. Zhao Yen!!! He got his punishment for answering wrongly. Can imagine? The super duper cool and leng zhai and ego dude has got to go out and sing us a song. Well, i think he is rather shy too. So he sang a happy birthday and left the front. Good attempt wei! Keep it up Zhao Yen. Class rep, Jia Jia got her punishment too~! She was suppose to do a moonwalk suggested by Hong but ended up as a cat walk with a pose at the end. woot~~~

So that was class today i guess. Rather interesting and relaxing. Reminds me of secondary school where we will do stupid stuffs and laugh a day about it. Hopefully, more of these will come in the future.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Finally~!!!! A post~!

Hey ya~! Finally i am sitting down to write a post. Might suck though since i have never blogged practically. So I shall update the events of the past later meanwhile I shall write about my first day of college.

Well, college was yesterday but it was only orientation so not counted lo~! haha. So like a typical Malaysian I am ; gets pretty excited to new stuffs. Had to wake up at 6.30am like secondary school!!! Yes, it's kinda lame but classes starts at 8.00 am and LDP is always jammed up.

Left home at around 7.00 am to pick up Kevang or rather Jiun now (lol). And reached college around 7.45. Went into class and picked up the seats and all and surprisingly only 3 students were there. So after that more and more came in and classes goes on and on till 5.00pm

Well, lets talk about the peoples (jenns fav term xD). The peoples were great. Lets see, i got to know Shu Lin (1st one wheee~~), Dang, Kenneth, Jia Jia, Yamen, Martin, Pei Zhen, Jack and many more (sorry guys if i missed anyone or mispelled your names). We met with 2 lecturers today. It was Ms Yu and Mr Jack. Ms Yu was a knowledgeable person being an accountant herself and her teaching was great too. And Mr Jack was an awesome guy too. He is well, young, good looking? and knowledgeable too. Do you know ESPN, Gery Anetomy, Ugly Betty, BBC news is under Waltz Disney? Head and Shoulders, Pantene, dll is under the same company? Cool eh? I just knew it too from Mr Jack.

The classes goes on from 8.00am, to 5.30pm everyday~! Tiring but free on Friday. So Friday can go wet (another term for go outing) Well thats all about now. Gonna blog more with pictures soon if i have the time.