Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We're Here!

Its really tough when we got here since the original plan has changed and everything gone haywire. Well not really that messy but it's still messy if you know what I mean xD. There are many things that I'm really not used to when I first got here. Our flight was at 4.50pm and we reached here at 8.30pm. Not any problems from the departure till the arrival, I mean "touchdown" of our plane. Nightmare starts as soon as we got off the plane heading towards the baggage reclaimation counter.

First of all, MY BAGGAGE IS BROKEN!!!! It sucks and the airport itself has already given me a bad impression for breaking my beloved baggage. Not too sure whether it happened in Malaysia or "here". In Malaysia airport even the lower class LCCT, we were at least greeted by Hello and at least just a smile by the workers. Here, we were greeted by harsh "faster! this way!" and many rough tones. Maybe it's just the way they talk.

After reclaiming my broken baggage T.T we met up with Pei Yin's aunty, Aunty Flora. She told us about the change of plans and we were supposed to go to her house instead of Pei Yin's uncle's. It's kinda last minute but no problems for us. Taxi driver looks 50 with alot of white hair. The best part is, he has 3 hand phones with him. Not only that, within just a short 40-45 minutes ride from airport to our destination, he easily answered and called 20-30 calls. Thats like 1 call per minute? Crazy, but its true.

The true nightmare was at our destination (lol this is hard to cover up our destination already). The people over there was walking at a very high pace. In order to keep up, I need to force myself to march quickly with the rest. It was very difficult as I was still pulling my 13kg broken luggage and I'm still getting used to in this country. It was around 20-23 celcius here but I still sweat after the quick pace of walking and competing with the rest to get to the immigrations for clearance. This was one of the thoughest moments because there were alot running through my mind. The taxi fare for the ride was already RM150 +/- And we only brought around RM1,000 each. Are we able to survive the 13 days? People here are very busy and harsh. Can we withstand their attitude? Out of no where while crossing the immigrations check that are supposed to be very strict, comes a jerk that starts scolding the officer. Not too sure whos to blame but still when it comes to foul languages and harsh words which is super loud and directed to a lady officer, you are the jerk. HHAHAA

Came back to Aunty Flora's house. A distant relative cooked alot for us and it was nice. Had tea with another distant relative which is grandpa of age and had local snacks and delicacies after the meal. Then, we went to bed

Untill this morning, I woke up to look for a wifi signal to start facebook-ing or blogging, found no wifi. So Aunty Flora offered her computer to me. And only to find out, Blogspot and Facebook is blocked in this country. *&#!&@#%&!!!! Luckily vtunnel.com helped me so thats why I can make this post. And why no pictures in this post? Cause vtunnel blocked the scripts, meaning no pictures untill I come back T.T That's it for now, will blog about today soon.

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